Quality Assurance Inspector


Quality assurance

reports to

quality manager        

Position Summary

Responsible for inspectingparts using approved inspection techniques.                                   

Essential Functions

  • Read and interpret blueprints.                   
  • Create finished goods bar code label         
  • Manufacturing receiving inspection.                    
  • Part layout inspection.( PPAP, ISIR, APQP )        
  • First piece inspection.                    
  • Operation of scale to verify part counts.        
  • Patrol inspections.                    
  • Use statistical process controls.        
  • Last piece inspection.                    
  • Assist in calibration functions.        
  • Final audit inspection.                    
  • Participation in corrective or preventive action teams.        


  • Basic math. 
  • Ability to use a computer in Word and Excel.  
  • Organizational skills.                            
  • Ability to use calipers, protractor, micrometer, specialized gaging and CMM after training.                                   


  • Ability to grasp training agendas quickly and retain knowledge.                            
  • Ability to communicate and be a team member.                            
  • Reliability concerning attendance and punctuality.                            
  • Multilimb Coordination and manual dexterity allowing lifting capabilities up to fifty pounds.                            
  • Support of the Safety Policy in day to day activities.                            
  • Knowledge of appropriate ISO policies and procedures                            

Experience and Education

  • High school diploma ( or GED or high school equivalence certificate )                                

Other Responsibilities

In addition to listed duties, Management reserves the discretion to add or modify the duties and responsibilities of this position at will.